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Beautiful Martial Arts T-Shirts and Scuba Diving Shirts Online

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Welcome to Free Spirit Activewear, designers of premium activewear for martial artists and scuba divers. Participants of such specialty sports are proud of their chosen activities and not afraid to show the rest of the world what they do. These free spirited individuals influenced the creation of the company brand name, Free Spirit Activewear.

We now also feature some beautiful posters, art prints and calendars with both martial arts and scuba diving themes.

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Dive Calendars

If this adventurous attitude in life reflects you, whether exploring the undersea world through scuba diving or continuously improving oneself through martial arts, then our original and exclusive lines of activewear were indeed made for you --- a real 'free spirit'.

Loved the shirt...excellent shipping...wonderful transaction.
K. Allik, New Paltz, New York

Thank you! Great shirt. T. Miller, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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"Premium Quality Activewear With Specialty Sports Themes"

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